AV receivers Sherwood

Here you can compare the prices for aV receivers Sherwood, get acquainted with photos and technical characteristics (for example Radio frequency, Power output (6 Ohm, 1 kHz, THD 1%, 1 channel driven), Video output channels, Pre-out connectivity, Direct tuning, Power output (8 Ohm, 1 kHz, THD 1%, 1 channel driven)) and buy a liked model aV receivers in one of the reliable online stores.
R-872 7.1 Receiver with HDMI 1.3, Titan Both the R-872 and R-772 receivers are rated at 100 watts per channel for each of their 7 channels and both share a host of common features including: HDMI 1.3 switching; lossless audio decoding; AM/FM tuners with 30 presets; XM radio ready; automatic set-up with supplied microphone; Newcastle’s SNAPTM Room EQ; input renaming; A/V Synch Delay; digital/analog input polling; independent audio and video outputs for Zone 2; RS-232 port for bi-directional control and more.

The included remote supports dual-mode, RF and IR operation, is preprogrammed for most popular components, learns commands from other units and both receivers have built-in RF to IR translators. The translator converts RF input received from the remote and generates IR output to control other system components. Complete system operation is possible—even if the entire system is out of sight.

A second feature developed for custom installation is these receivers' “Automatic Room 2” mode. With this mode, the main room can be configured for 7.1 channel operation. When Zone 2 is activated, the main room is automatically reconfigured for 5.1 and the rear center amps are used to power Zone 2. When Zone 2 is turned off, the main room is reconfigured back to 7.1.

An important feature for custom installation is the lockable Installer Memory. Once the initial installation is complete, the installer or the owner can lock all operating parameters into a special memory. If the unit fails to operate as expected because a wrong button had been selected on the remote, for example, power cycling the receiver will reload the initial configuration and should restore normal operation.

While both units transcode all analog video to a single component video output, the R-872 is extremely advanced. In keeping with the ease of use theme, the R-872 uses a Genesis Faroudja processor IC and can deinterlace and scale any of its video inputs, analog or digital, to 720p, 1080i or even 1080p and output them over HDMI. Should the user wish to have his video operate primarily in the analog domain, the R-872 will even convert digital video arriving over HDMI to component video. In either the digital or analog case, only a single monitor cable from the receiver to the display is sufficient for video and OSD.

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