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Commander XP 7x50 K, 1145g The world's finest marine binocular.
Discover a new milestone in the production of marine binoculars: the Commander XP. A binocular that continues the unique quality of the Commander-Series and is ahead of its time. With pioneering technologies and stunning optics.

With the new Commander XP STEINER once again sets a new competency in marine binoculars and revolutionizes the standard. Its new benefits like the innovative Nano Protection, the ClicLoc Eyecup System, the extra-rugged NBR-Longlife rubber armouring and the newly developed water-pressure-proofness down to 10 metres are sure to impress. They have been created for the particular requirements of watersports and made with the use of the knowledge gained from 60 years of research and the valued opinions of the world's best professional athletes.

Highest technical precision
Having a Commander XP means to have a valuable binocular specifically developed with detailed craftsmanship and maximum care. It offers the perfect blend of power and extraordinary quality. It is inspired by an enduring passion: a passion for the pursuit of excellence.

Proved and tested
With its outstanding operating convenience the Commander XP will guide your way through night and day. The extra-large, illuminated and stabilized compass with integrated recticle makes taking bearings easy - no matter how tough it might get out there. The top of its class choice for more safety, comfort and a reliable guarantee to see what others miss!

Our outstanding product features:

HD-stabilized Precision Compass
The largest available, extremely stabilized HD-compass ever to be fitted in binoculars. The size of the compass guarantees most accurate bearings. Giving you just that little bit of extra safety on the high seas. Fluid damping and illumination make it possible to fix your position under any extreme condition imaginable.
Available for Commander xp 7x50 K: this precision reticle makes it possible to calculate size or distance absolutely precise. For Navigator 7x50 K, a bearing mark for easy reading is integrated.

The precision reticle is visible in the entire angle of view and gives measurements in metres or feet (0.33 m).
You sail along the coast and see in your map the height of a lighthouse in front of you is 40 m. You apply the lighthouse and read the value 20 from the number scale of the reticle. The distance to be calculated is the actual size, 40 m in our example, divided by the read size, 20 m in our example, multiplied by 1000. 40 m / 20 = 2 x 1000 = 2000 m. Thus, the lighthouse is at a distance of 2000 m.
A second example for the horizontal scale: You see a port entrance in front of you. You know it is 80m wide. Now you apply the portside light of the harbour on the left side of your reticle and read for the starboard side light a value of 60. The distance to be calculated is the actual size, 80 m in our example, divided by the read size, 60 m in our example, multiplied by 1000. 80 m / 60 = 1,3 x 1000 = 1300 m. Thus, the lighthouse is at a distance of 1300 m.

High-Definition XP-Optics
The exceptional optical formula is our own development using the purest index matched glass, and coatings using rare-earth formulations of titanium, fluorite and other mineral substrates. The result is not only a first-class light transmission and a remarkable brightness- the images are crisply sharp and of the highest contrast right to the edge of the field of view. Contours are always clear and easily made out; incidental light is reduced to a minimum. Perfect, high resolution observing results are guaranteed, even under the worst weather conditions, in poor light or at the onset of dusk.

STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus
The STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus makes handling particularly comfortable. If both eyes are of the same dioptre strength, simply set both of the adjusting rings on the eyecups to ”0“ and you will see clearly from 20 m to infinity. If not, adjust both oculars individually for razor sharp images. Once adjusted, everything will be sharp and clear from 20 m to infinity for varying distances. Simple use. Also with a single hand only.

ClicLoc Exchangeable Eyecups
Switch between three versions quickly and easily. The ClicLoc exchangeable eyecups permit you to choose between three usage positions with just one movement — the ergonomic position to maximise reduction of incidental light, the cylindrical position for everyday use, and a further position for wearers of spectacles to maximise their field of view.

ClicLoc Belt Attachment
With this carefully thought-out STEINER belt attachment, the binoculars always remain firmly in the strap. The carrying strap, can, however, be released and refastened in one easy move. The comfortable strap or floating strap can be switched quickly and easily.

The handy grating of the Memory-Ocular optimises your personal dioptre setting. By turning the ocular the user finds the dioptre setting in the blink of an eye. Increased ease of use and fast adaption to changing situations are guaranteed.

STEINER Nano-Protection®
Unsurpassed clear vision is offered by the proven STEINER Nano-Protection®. It provides the lenses with a dirt and water resistant surface, protecting them against aggressive environmental effects. Rain, salt-water, snow and moisture are eliminated from your view by this repelling layer. Cleaning is considerably simplified and hard-to-remove dirt becomes a thing of the past. The ultra-thin hydrophobic surface treatment on the objective and ocular lenses is extremely robust and ensures that your binoculars will deliver high-contrast brilliant images across the decades.

Nitrogen pressure filling via 2-way-valve technology
Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech solution. Even temperature variations between -40° and +80°C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-filled binoculars. The unique 2-way-valve technology makes inspection, service and maintenance possible even after a number of years. Your binoculars are always ready for action under the most extreme conditions or in the worst weather conditions. Optical quality and precision are maintained for decades.

Water pressure proof up to 10 m
The binoculars from STEINER resist water pressure in a depth from 10 m. Special sealing technologies make it possible. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into the binoculars. This technology saves your binocular investment, as this is the only way to protect the high-end optics from outer influences.

NBR-Longlife rubber armouring
Rough weather, cold hands, strong wind are extreme forces for you and your equipment. With the NBR-Longlife rubber armouring you master every condition.
This chemical formula is not only extremely robust, it also gives you a very good grip, in cold, heat, rain, sea water and the sun‘s rays. For a perfect grip, the rubber composite should be soft and non-slip, but on the other hand, the harder it is, the more durable it will be. The NBR-Longlife rubber composite is a perfect solution that makes the binocular a pleasure to hold. It is resistant against oil, acid, salt water and even bird droppings. A rubber armouring that is at the same time soft, non-slip and prevents annoying noises.
The new NBR-Longlife rubber armouring guarantees an even longer life for your binoculars.

Extreme ruggedness
Binoculars from STEINER withstand the toughest demands made on them. They feature an extremely compact and resistant design that can cope with the most demanding conditions. Their unique ruggedness has been STEINER’s hallmark for over 60 years.

Floating Prism Mounting
The prisms have a “Floating Prism Mounting”. They are fixed with a durable, flexible silicon material to protect the valuable optical components inside. The adjustment remains just as precise for decades. STEINER binoculars can therefore stand up to the hardest use you can put them through.

Floating strap
The high quality floating strap is available for all STEINER marine binoculars as accessory. If your binocular should go over board, sinking will be prevented.

Standard accessories
All models are supplied in a bag/custody and have an ample supply of standard accessories, e.g. rain protection cap, objective covers and carrying straps.

Recommended accessories
The comfortable carrying strap is extra-wide and has a coating that is kind to your skin and it is non-slip.

30 year warranty
We offer a 30 year warranty. If you need a repair, our team of technical experts will check out your binoculars and repair them within the terms of the warranty agreement.

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